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We love unconventional movies and we want to share our enthusiasm with you!

Here at Back Row we're looking to do things a little differently. Instead of making yet another takedown or “Top Ten Absolute Best Movies Ever” clickbait site, we focus instead on what we love: the strange, the abstract, the niche and the under-appreciated. There’s a whole catalogue of unusual, risk-taking, and rule-breaking films ready for consumption, and we don’t think you should pre-judge or be intimidated by them. You can and will appreciate them, you just have to know how to read them.

Our mission, and why we started this site, is to create an unpretentious film review website that focuses on breaking down the meaning and visual language into conversational musings. We love drawing connections between seemingly unconnected topics, time periods and visual themes. And if we’re honest, we also just wanted to share our opinions. Because we have strong ones. And yes, we know the saying about “opinions” and “assholes,” but that’s not gonna stop us.

It should be stated that this is not a spoiler free space. Articles or reviews that are spoiler free will be marked as such.



We are writers, artists, musicians, weirdos, slackers, go-get-'ers, make-out experts and maybe all of the above. 

We call ourselves 'Back Row' because, while we love movies, we're also probably up to some other no good stuff on the side.
(Though mostly we're just movie lovers from across the globe.)

Jenna Ipcar   Co-Founder

Jenna Ipcar

Dan Gorman   Podcaster Extraordinaire

Dan Gorman
Podcaster Extraordinaire